Monday, October 6, 2014

 Catherine Pierce is a black beast, a shape-shifter that has no settled form because of the magic-infused witch blood that runs through her veins. This anomaly brought her to the attention of the ruthless Council that governs her kind. Unfortunately, their corrupt delegate has taken a vested interest in Catherine.

Crown Prince Phineas Riordan is a powerful witch who has mastered three of the four elements. The one thing he can't master is his sexual deviancy, which, if discovered, means his life and his kingdom are forfeit. Because witches and shape-shifters are not allowed to fraternize. Ever. But that won't stop him from using the disappearance of Catherine's childhood friend--and romantic rival--to his advantage.

Meanwhile, the Slayer threat is growing stronger. Catherine and Phineas are on the brink of uncovering the secret organization forming within the bowels of the school...but they're being watched, as well. A war is brewing, and it promises to be an apocalyptic nightmare even worse than the Great War that happened between their kind 200 years ago.

Catherine has seen how the world ends in her dreams: it will be not by fire, or by ice, but by shadow. For she is...touched with sight.

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