Monday, October 6, 2014

New Blog!

I already have a reviewing blog, but my friend thought it was weird that I didn't have one for my books and writing stuff as well. She's a writer as well and I was nagging her to write, and she was like, "MAKE YOUR BLOG, NENIA." So I was like, "OK I AM MAKING ONE NOW YOU WRITE, BITCH." It is through such retaliatory gestures that success happens.

So this is Nenia's Books. The name is pretty self-explanatory, I guess, but I'll walk you through the site layout. (I spent hours on the HTML and making sure all the hyperlinks worked properly.)

The banner at the top is for navigating my blog.

'HOME' will take you to my blog entries.

'ABOUT THE AUTHOR' is about me, the author. I used the brief bio that's currently on Goodreads.

'LIST OF WORKS' is a list of all my current works. I've added pages for all the main books. I think there are three that I haven't gotten to, yet (Tantalized, Witchfire, and How to Write Good). Generally, though, if a book is listed but doesn't have a hyperlink, that means it hasn't been published yet.

'TWITTER' takes you to my Twitter page. This is one of the best ways to get in contact with me; all tweets are synced with my phone, so I can pretty much answer you anytime, anywhere.

'FACEBOOK FAN PAGE' takes you to my Facebook fan page. I would be honored to have your 'like'!

'GOODREADS AUTHOR PAGE' takes you to my Goodreads Author Page. When I'm on the computer, I'm usually on Goodreads, so this is the second best way to get in contact with me.

'INSTAGRAM' takes you to my instagram. Most of the stuff on here has nothing to do with my books, although occasionally I make personal thank-you cards and banners here for readers.

'PINTEREST' takes you to my Pinterest. I have boards here for most of my stories, published or not.

'REVIEWING BLOG' takes you to my other blogger blog, The Armchair Librarian. It is where I post reviews of the books I read. I love reading, and welcome comments from fellow book-lovers!

'BUY ON SMASHWORDS' and 'BUY ON AMAZON' take you to my author pages on Smashwords and Amazon, respectively. This is where you can buy my available books.

Thank you so much for being a fan! <3

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